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General Rental Terms - Séjour à Toulouse

Rentals can be from 3 days to 3 months, and are charged per night. The fee is for the apartment, although the apartment’s maximum sleeping capacity must be respected. For the longer stays from 3 months to 1 year, subject to rental regulations from date to date, discounts and payments by instalments may be proposed.
The per-night rate reduces as the length of the stay increase.

A deposit of 30% or 15% (depending on the apartments) of the total amount of your rental is required to confirm it. Payment of the booking fees (25 €) and cleaning fees (35 €) are also due upon booking. The deposit can be paid in 3 different ways:
▪ Online via a secure payment system by credit card. By this payment, the reservation is immediately confirmed.
▪ By sending a bank or postal check (for French residents). Your reservation will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment by mail, which must arrive within 72 hours. Otherwise, the option will become void and the availability of the apartment will no longer be guaranteed.
▪ By bank transfer to “Séjour à Toulouse
These last two payment options are only possible in the case of reservations made at least 15 days before entry into the apartment. For transfers, it is imperative to specify the contract number, the name of the tenant, the name of the apartment and the rental period. In any case, an e-mail confirming the booking of your stay (with all details of the accommodation/reservation) will be sent to you as soon as possible. A photocopy of your ID will be requested in return.

The balance of your stay must be paid upon arrival in places: - in cash, obligatorily in euros, - by check or postal order made out to Stay in Toulouse, for French residents, - by bank transfer at least 5 days before arrival. - by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). For checks and transfers, it is imperative to specify the contract number, the name of the tenant, the name of the
apartment and the rental period. In exchange, a copy of the lease signed by both parties will be issued. No key will be assigned without the full payment of your stay.

An inventory of fixtures, in your presence, is established when taking possession of the apartment and at your departure. As such, a deposit will be required to prevent the apartment against all damages and possible robberies. The amount of the deposit (by credit card imprint, if not in cash) depends on the size of the accommodation:
• For studios the deposit is 300 €.
• For 1-bedroom apartment the deposit is 500 € to 800 €.
• For 2-bedrooms apartment the deposit is 1000 € to 1500 €.
• For 3-bedrooms apartment the deposit is 1500 €.
The deposit will be returned within a maximum of 15 days after departure, if no damage has been found in the apartment and if it is made clean (with emptied bins, clean and tidy dishes). In the event of damage or robbery, the owner or his representative undertakes to return to the customer the balance of the amount of the security deposit after deduction of the sums necessary for repairs and/or refurbishment and/or purchases, within a period of 60 days included following the return of the keys. If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to pay the difference on the documents provided by the owner or his representative. If the tenant loses the keys of the rented apartment, the owner or his representative will be obliged to change the barrel of the door. The bill will be paid by the tenant. In case of impossibility to proceed to the inventory, upon arrival, the tenant takes the responsibility to check the content and report any anomaly, missing or degraded elements within 24 hours of arrival. If no comments are made within this period, the tenant will be presumed to have received the rented premises in good condition of rental repairs and must return them as they are, unless there is evidence to the contrary (Article 1731 of the Civil Code). The accommodations are made available to the tenant in a perfect state of maintenance, the tenant will use it in a "good family father "way.

The tenant being responsible for damages caused by him or due to his negligence, he must be covered
by insurance, called here ‘villégiature’, a holiday /home public liability insurance.

All-inclusive prices, no surprises.
Prices mentioned are inclusive of utility bills.
No extra fees will be incurred for:
▪ Water, gas, electricity (based on average consumption, for an apartment heated up to 20°C)
▪ Internet access
▪ Bed linen and towels for the expected number of guests.
(However, please note that only the tourist tax (calculated per person per night, and established by the “Métropole de Toulouse” – City Hall) will be added to the rental price at the time of booking)

Arrival times are between 3 pm and 7pm.
When you make your reservation, we will ask you to let us know your exact arrival time so that one of our agents can welcome you at the apartment. Please do advise us of any delay, either by contacting the agency or by contacting the number provided when you make your booking.
Departures are from 8 am until 12 am.
Our agent will come to the apartment at an agreed time to get the keys and see that everything is in order.
Supplements will be charged in case: - delay not reported in advance (20 €) - arrival or departure on a Sunday or public holiday (20 €, plus 50 € on 25 December and January 1st) - arrival or departure outside reception hours (30 €).

When making the reservation and signing the contract, the tenant undertakes to abide by the following rules:
▪ To use the accommodation as a temporary residence, and for private reasons. Under no circumstances can the accommodation be used for commercial, professional, or artistic purposes.
▪ To make sure that the accommodation is only being used by the person who has signed the contract and his or her companions, and that the maximum capacity is respected.
▪ To keep the premises in good condition and in keeping with the inventory established upon arrival.
▪ To do nothing that may be a nuisance to neighbours. In case of a complaint the tenant alone will be held responsible.
▪ To conform to local rules and regulations in terms of hygiene, public safety and peace, pets are not allowed. Unless otherwise mentioned.

Permission to extend your stay must be requested and put in writing.
According to availability, the tenant will be advised by mail and the contract modified accordingly.
▪ For tenants already in place, modifications of the contract will be done at our office: Séjour à Toulouse – 5 Rue Antoine Darquier, 31000 Toulouse.
▪ For the companies in account, the signature of the contract and the payment will have to reach us within 10 days maximum after reception of the offer of extension.

By the client:
All cancellations need to be sent to us in writing. Séjour à Toulouse is entitled to keep the 30% confirmation deposit, and, only if the cancellation is made within 15 days before the arrival date, the client will be asked to pay the balance. If the rental period is shortened during the stay, no refund will be made.
By Séjour à Toulouse:
In the exceptional case of the accommodation becoming unavailable during your dates, Séjour à Toulouse will relocate you in an apartment of a similar or superior standing, which will be located as close as possible to the accommodation you chose, for the same price. In the case where a satisfactory option is not available, we will provide a full refund.

Concerns our corporate accounts only. Séjour à Toulouse reserves the right to charge:
▪ A lump sum allowance for late payments: 40€.
▪ An administrative fee: 70€/month of delay.
In case of outstanding payments, a lump sum of 40€ fees will be applied.

Séjour à Toulouse takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate; however, we do not guarantee:
▪ Its accuracy concerning the preciseness, the quality or the exhaustiveness of information given by a third party.
▪ That the website and its content will be free from mistakes, viruses, interruptions, nor that it might be victim of non-authorised use or pirates.
The user of this website agrees to the fact that Séjour à Toulouse cannot be held responsible for difficulties concerning the use of internet (web/electricity failures, slow debits, bugs, technical disruptions) thus the liability of Séjour à Toulouse will not be in any case implicated in any of these cases.
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